Google Adwords Management

Google AdWords Management

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Is advertising with Google AdWords easy?

Why do I offer Google Adwords Management as a service? Google Adwords is a top tool for generating online traffic, often capable of producing instant ROI. The first step is quite simple: just set up a new Adwords account and watch your ad appear on “the top" of Google search results page. And the best part is, you only pay when the user actually clicks on the ad (Pay Per Click). Moreover, Google provides a free support for new Adwords customers.  In theory, this sounds like a great opportunity to expand your business. People are on Google all the time. They see your ad, click on it, go to your website and turn into new customers. Seems pretty simple, doesn't it?

A wise investment or a waste of money for your business?

AdWords paid advertising product has evolved into Google's main source of revenue. It is the biggest auction in the world. Countless numbers of large and small businesses submit their bids to the powerful search engine, trying to acquire a greater customer share. And Google receives the bidding fees, irrespective of their success or failure. This means more advertisers – more revenue for the giant. No wonder the service is set up in a way to seduce business owners or marketing managers into thinking that anyone can manage AdWords campaigns with a high degree of success. However, when it comes to the actual set-up and management of AdWords campaigns, a thousand questions arise. And the most important one is: Will I get real results?

What is there to consider? 

Unless the magic formula Click -> Lead -> New Customer worked, it is very easy to get discouraged by losses or little to no returns. In other words, if your visitors are not relevant to your business, AdWords won't work for you. If the price you are paying for each click is higher than the revenue you are making from each visitor, then Adwords is clearly a waste of money. The days of paying pennies for Google's services are gone. In some countries, industries and networks you can buy clicks for as little as $0.05, but for other industries the average CPC goes up to $60. You really want to minimize random clicks by gathering the most effective techniques using AdWords or any PPC campaign for that matter. 


Management of an AdWords account (Google Adwords Management) can be extremely time consuming and challenging. Then, there is the reality that you are competing with industry giants and many other highly experienced players. For certain markets, AdWords simply doesn’t fit, so you might be much better spending your marketing budget on platforms more relevant to your niche.

Where to begin or how to continue?

It is wise to study the topic extensively. Before investing it is better to reach out for a consultation with a specialist, at least initially. To ensure your products or services are a good fit for Google AdWords, to get a suggestion on alternative strategies before starting the campaign. Try to answer these questions:


• Which positions are the most optimal?
• What cost per click (CPC) should I pay?
• How can I improve the AdRank of my ad, without having to increase the bid?
• What are relevant longtail keywords and where can I find them?
• Which free tools can I use?
• How can I generate more customers with a lower budget?

What I can do for you?

To Maximize the AdWords returns successfully the only really possibility is to hire a specialist with the training, time, experience and skills. Therefore, conducting Adwords Account Audit or Opportunity Analysis can be beneficial to evaluate your current digital "advertising health". By studying your data or website, a good specialist should be able to predict accurately the success of chosen advertising strategies, while identifying areas of improvement. Often, even professionally managed campaigns can significantly benefit from further optimization. For the past eight years I have prevented my clients from literally wasting substantial amounts of their budgets by tweaking their existing campaigns and consulting campaign managers, or by taking over the account management.


If you are new to digital advertising I can help to assess if your product is a good fit for Google AdWords and set you on the winning course right from the start. We can create and manage an AdWords Account or develop alternative/ mixed advertising platforms campaign, whichever is the best approach to get tangible results for your goals. Irrespective of the chosen work format - you can expect the best results from our cooperation. My expertise is based on advanced knowledge and techniques, only made possible by years of experience in the field.

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