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Whether your business is already well established in the digital marketing world or is starting anew, it is important to have a coherent digital strategy, focused on your key commercial goals. For many businesses out there an online strategy is a single most important decision. Decision that often holds the power to make or break the entire enterprise. Reaching out for the specialist is one of the ways to ensure success of your online marketing strategy. It is crucial for your business to be well guided within the digital terrains, and for the digital navigation tools and course to be frequently examined against company’s goals and ROI.
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Over the years I have developed an efficient approach when shaping digital strategies for my clients. It is based on their priorities and cost-effective solutions to deliver measurable return on investment. My proposition is highly successful and quite unique. It is founded on an in-depth experience in all corners of internet marketing and different industries, including e-commerce, gaming and local businesses. Intercultural competence is based on my experience with international employers, I am also proficient in German, Russian and English languages.

My services as a digital consultant are focused, but not limited to:

Developing successful global or local online marketing strategies and managing PPC campaigns for Paid Search, Display Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Retargeting, In-App-Advertising (f.e. Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yandex, Facebook Ads).
ROI-based management, measurement and improvement of campaigns based on performance metrics.
Advanced Tracking/Technologiesg  including Tracking implementation (Phone Call Tracking, E-Commerce Tracking, Google Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics); Monitoring and further development of internal and third party tracking tools for mobile marketing.

But not only that. If you chose to hire me, you will receive skills combined with the passion and determination to build your business.

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